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Opera Mobile 9.5 and DishPointer

Put Opera Mobile 9.5 on your PDA/Handheld

Opera Mobile 9.5 Beta is out and you should put it on your PocketPC PDA/Handheld running Windows Mobile 5 or 6 now.

Why? It’s the only browser for mobile handhelds which fully supports Javascript and Ajax - and that’s required to show Google Maps applications such as DishPointer. The only other alternative for using DishPointer on the go would be Apple’s iPhone or iTouch. [...]

Apple IPhone 3G

iPhone 3G - Satellite Finder on the Move

I had my hands on Apple’s new 3G iPhone today and did some dish pointing tests with it. I must say it works brilliantly. First, DishPointer loads up pretty fast on the 3G iPhone - providing you have the right (and unlimited) data tariff with your provider. Then all the DishPointer functions work as they should be, e.g. the map loads up, you can enter your address, the line is drawn, you can zoom in and out, etc. Just dragging the marker doesn’t work as the Iphone starts moving the whole page around. But I’ll see if there is a workaround for this. [...]

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There is a short news article about DishPointer in this months What Satellite and Digital TV print magazine (United Kingdom).

German Infosat Magazine - DishPointer Article

The german Infosat magazine has a two-page article about DishPointer in their current issue, July 2008, No. 244. [...]

MaxPeak Digital Satellite Meter 2

Digital Satellite Meter

There is an independent review of the MaxPeak digital satellite meters on Dr. Dish TV (DrDish Magazine - 07/2008). The review starts about a third into the programme, just after a short talk with Polytron, the distributor of the MaxPeak meters in Germany. The meter gets full marks and the “Tested and Recommended Award” from Dr.Dish.

I’ve been using the MaxPeak Satellite Meter (SAM) for over a week now and have done two satellite installations with it. With both installations, finding the satellite and fine-tuning the alignment took about 2-3 minutes: [...]

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